Bahamas & Caribbean

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Status Air is a Bahamas and Caribbean specialist, with the lowest priced and most efficient charter flights in the industry. Our unique position in Fort Lauderdale, FL affords us the ability to arrange specialized trips for you and your passengers.

Whether it’s a day trip to Bimini, a vacation to the Virgin Islands, or an all-week itinerary of multiple Bahamian Out-Islands, let Status Air use our expertise to make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Sometimes a charter flight is the only practical way to get there. Whether your trip is business or pleasure, each flight is special. That is the way we think of them, and it will show in the award-winning service that Status Air provides to you and your party.

Pay-as-you-go simplicity.

It is travel made easy. With Status Air’s Charter program, we help you choose the perfect aircraft for your flight, matching your needs to one of more than 5,000 state-of-the-art business jets and aircraft available through Status Air.

This expansive charter fleet gives you access to virtually any airport in the world-from small, regional fields to major business centers, vastly improving your comfort and productivity. Now you can go straight to where the action is, spend less time en route, and more time engaged.

We will make sure everything goes your way.